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About the Zero To Engineer Programs
Considering enrolling in Zero to Engineer?
Considering enrolling in Zero to Engineer?

Whether you know nothing about IT or have been in the help desk for a decade, Zero to Engineer will jumpstart your career.

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Will Zero to Engineer (ZTE) help me get any certifications? 

The ZTE program is all about getting you job-ready and we place a big emphasis on real-world knowledge and skills training. However, the industry relies a lot on certifications, so we have training and labs for many of the leading certification tracks built right into the program. We also help you to understand what the best certifications are for you to work on given your career goals.

How long does Zero to Engineer take to complete? 

The ZTE program is completely self-paced. By putting in around 10 hours per week, you can finish the core modules in around 12 weeks. This even includes carrying out the full stack networking project from start to finish on your own. Once you finish the core modules of the program you will then unlock access to more technical and career related courses and labs, and a mentor network that you can utilize as you need. Since the follow-on training and activities in the program are unique to each student the overall completion can vary. Some students may take around 24 weeks to complete their full training path and to see results, however we have students who have seen results in as little as 2 weeks by applying the things they've learned right away.

Can anyone achieve amazing results as fast as ZTE says you can? 

Many different people with different backgrounds and levels of experience have been able to achieve amazing results in a very short amount of time. Take these diverse testimonials for example: 

Kevin Lee went from not knowing anything about IT to becoming an associate network engineer in just 5 months. Only a year after that, he now works as a network engineer at Samsung. 

Chase Mitchell earned a degree in information management. But, he ended up stuck at the help desk doing repetitive work and not making enough to pay off his college debt. He enrolled in ZTE, and just 10 months later he became a network engineer and tripled his salary. 

Andrew Pratt served in the military working in the base communications squadron. He transitioned to the civilian world and landed an entry-level tech job, but was stuck doing grunt work. He enrolled into ZTE, and two months later received a 30% salary increase and a much better role. Then, he became a network engineer for Riot Games where he was able to break the 6 figure salary mark and even work from home. 

Scott Del Valle had been at his network engineer job for several years. He has a passion for security and was doing everything he could think of to break into a cyber-security role. He even volunteered to do take on additional troubleshooting duties so the company didn't have to hire extra personnel, but still couldn't get the career results he wanted. After enrolling in ZTE, he achieved his career goal to become a security engineer working for a very large healthcare company and now makes a healthy 6 figure salary as well. 

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