To drive personal and professional growth, sometimes some of us need to have a one-on-one talk with our mentors.

Here at NexGenT, we provide 1:1 mentor sessions to our students.

Depending on whether you purchased a stand-alone course or enrolled in a program, the process for requesting time with our mentors is different.

For students enrolled in our programs like the Full Stack Network Engineer Program or the Cyber Security Specialist Program, just reach out to our support team to schedule a 1:1 session with our mentors.

For those who purchased stand-alone courses like Network+ or CCNA, a mentor credit is required for a 1:1 session.
To purchase a mentor credit, please get in touch with us by using the chat button on the lower right side of the screen or by emailing

Most coachings are done via the group coaching and answering questions directly in the threads.

However, if you need 1:1 mentorship, please click on the Mentor Session button on the top right side of your Dashboard to request for one.

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