**Note - Each program has it’s own unique checklist requirements. Once you have checked off each checkbox item in your program on learn.nexgent.com, it will unlock and you will be able to start your program courses and projects.

Before you can start with the program you must first complete the following requirements. When you access the program you will see checkboxes for each of the items below. You can also access this list after logging into the learning platform, clicking 'Programs' from the left menu, click the yellow button 'View Program' from the main screen, then click the yellow button 'View Program'. The checklist will then appear on this screen. If it does not appear on that screen, then you most likely already checked all the boxes on the Pre-Requisite checklist.

Please complete each item and then check the checkboxes of each item. Once you have checked all of the boxes, your course will unlock and you can start learning.

Pre-requisite checklist:

  1. Weekly study hours blocked off for program: Block off 20 hours per week to complete course material and study.
  2. Joined NexGenT's Online Community (online social collaboration app): You will receive an invitation, so please be on the look out for an email invitation. If you do not receive an invitation please contact our customer support team by sending an email to support@nexgent.com.
  3. Trello Board setup: https://help.nexgent.com/faq-and-techincal-help/what-is-trello

Once you're done with the pre-requisites, you need to check them off of the learning platform to activate the program.

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