(The terms in this section only apply to Zero Up Front Tuition Program students)

By accepting the terms below of the Zero Up Front Tuition Program, you agree to follow all of the guidelines and terms as stated  here.

I understand that if I enroll in Advanced Training, I will sign an Income Share Agreement (ISA) prior to enrolling in the program.

Basic Training Students Qualification Criteria:

Student Tuition gets deferred through an ISA on the following conditions:

  • Student must pay the initial fee for books, labs, exam preps, learning platform access, welcome kit materials and enrollment processing
  • Student must actively search for employment following the graduation of Advanced Training
  • Student must be at least 18 years old
  • Student must be a fluent English writer and speaker
  • Student must be eligible to legally work in the United States for at least 18 months following graduation from the program. At the time of admission to the program, if the student is on a status where work authorization expires (e.g. H­1B, OPT, etc.), the expiration must be at least two and a half years after the program start date
  • Student must not have any criminal records/background at the state or federal level 
  • Student must be able to pass any background checks associated with jobs that  the student applies for. 
  • Student must be able to dedicate a minimum average of 10 hours per week of study and coursework execution
  • You must complete all homework and coursework assignments throughout the program

ISA Details

Income Share percent:


Contract Term:

48 income-earning months

Minimum income threshold:


Payment Cap:
It depends on the program you are enrolling in.

A student will never pay more than their deferred amount over the life of their contract and if they hit that cap, payments will cease. This means that students who have higher paying jobs may hit their cap before they complete 48 payments.

When Payment will begin:
Payment will begin only after a student has completed a program and has income over the income threshold.

As per the ISA contract, students agree to accurately update and maintain employment and salary information. The contract outlines that keeping accurate records is a very important obligation. Failure to do so will put the student in breach of contract.

This concludes the Zero Up Front Tuition Program Terms Agreement

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