General Terms and Conditions

(October 11, 2019 - Current)

I am at least 18 years old and am a fluent English writer and speaker.

I have a high school diploma or something equivalent.

I am eligible to legally work in the United States for at least 18 months following graduation from the program (30 months from my enrollment date).

I am fully capable and able to put in a minimum average of 10 hours per week of study and coursework execution for at least 1 year (365 days) from my enrollment date.

I have no pre-existing medical condition that would prevent me from being able to perform the course work and activities.

I understand that the Zero To Engineer online training programs is comprised of a two-tier training model: Basic Training and Advanced Training.

I understand that I must complete Basic Training first in order to be eligible for any Advanced Training.

I understand that the Full Stack Network Engineer Program Basic Training requires me to complete the following in order to become eligible for Advanced Training:

1. Complete the Network Engineering Course with Mentor Approval
2. Complete the Networking Aptitude Test (A link to take the Networking Aptitude Test can be found on your pre-requisite checklist in the Courses Tab)
3. Obtain the Cisco CCNA Certification

I understand that I must submit to NexGenT, my proof of CCNA certification, in order for your Basic Training to be considered complete.

I understand that once I have completed Basic Training I become eligible for Advanced Training which includes the following:

1. Real-world skills project training
2. NexGenT Real-world skills certification testing
3. Career Services and Employer Network access

I understand that I must complete all career development tasks in the program curriculum and complete all homework assignments.

I understand that my goal is to complete the program (Basic Training & Advanced Training) within a maximum of 365 days of my enrollment date.

By accepting these terms, I am officially requesting enrollment into the program.

Specific Condition for Live Instruction Start Date

I understand the live instruction start date that I selected when I signed up will only start when the live instruction course have 20 or more students starting at the same time.  

I understand that if the live instruction course has less than 20 students, I will be notified in advance with new start date for me to join.

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