What is Trello Board?

Trello board is a cloud-based tool that allows you to organize projects, goals, and workflows. It is also used to help you arrange helpful links you need during the program, keep track of your progress, and set up goal dates for your tasks.

You can customize and personalize your own Trello board by adding some pictures related to your projects and goals.

How to set up my own Trello board?

You can sign up using this link to start creating a board.

Note: Students do not need to pay for this service.

Tips on how to set up a Trello:

  • You can go to the Learning Platform and find the lesson on how to set up a Trello Board. The lesson is in Module 1: "Getting Started", and the title of the lesson is "Your Vision Board and Career Plan"

  • Follow the steps and start creating your Trello board

  • Here is another link to create your own Trello board

  • After creating your Trello, please use this link on how to make your board public. So that a career coach could access your Trello for a review

  • You can also attach pictures on the cards of your boards to personalize your Trello, to know how to attach pictures please click this link

  • To put stickers on your cards to make it more fun when you look at your Trello, please watch this video

  • You can click on the link to know more about how to set up a due date in your Trello

    Please contact the Career Services team if you need further assistance in creating your Trello board.

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