The most important things to bring are your passion, hard work ethic, and an eager mind. However, there are some physical items to make sure you bring as well!

Items to bring:

  1. Computer/Laptop of the Windows, Apple, or Linux Operating System variety (Don't forget your charger!).
  2. Wireless and Wired Network Connectivity
    For network connectivity your laptop should have a functional wireless network adapter at a minimum. However, it will be best to also have a wired network adapter available for hard-wiring into the lab network. If your laptop does not have a built in wired network adapter then a USB Ethernet adapter can be purchased beforehand. As an IT Engineer it's super important to be able to connect to networks by using a physical Cat-5e or Cat-6 cable, so it's a great investment regardless. Here's a link to a USB to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter from Amazon. It is highly recommended to obtain your own wired network adapter... but, If you are not able to acquire one before coming to the bootcamp then we will be able to provide you with a temporary one while on-site (limited supply). *Note - if you use a USB Ethernet adapter it will require one USB port. You will also need another USB port available for your console adapter. So, if you only have a single USB port on your laptop and you will be using a USB Ethernet Adapter then you will need to have a USB hub as well to provide the additional USB port needed for the console adapter. On the other hand, if you have a minimum of two USB ports already on your laptop then you will be all set.
  3. Notebook and Writing Utensil for taking notes.
  4. If you have already received your ZTE Welcome Kit in the mail then make sure to bring your cable making kit and console cable. If traveling with the tools in the cable making kit is an issue, we can provide you a welcome kit with both these items on your first day. 
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