How does the certification process work?
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The FSNA certification is all about physically performing hands-on skills begin able to explain technical concepts and network theory. During the first four days of the bootcamp you will practice installation and configuration of a full stack student pod in the certification lab. You will be guided through the practice labs and will have access to the FSNA Handbook for referencing all configurations. The first four days prepare you for Day 5 where you will build out the entire student pod on your own in a single day. It is important that each student grasps the concepts and understands technically what is being implemented, however, you will have access to the FSNA Handbook for referencing CLI commands. After successfully building out the student pod and passing the Skills Qualification Check (an in-person review of your technical configurations and knowledge) you will have met the in-person certification requirements and will be awarded the Full Stack Network Associate certification.

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