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How the NGT Academy Career Success Team Helps You in Your Program

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We understand the career and job search process can be daunting, and we’re here to help! We support you with professional one-on-one and one-to-many coaching sessions to discuss topics such as matching your experience and training to the right career choice, how to write an impactful resume and cover letter, optimizing your LinkedIn profile, creating your personal brand, and interview best practices!

Who do I meet with?

The Career Success Team is committed to you and your career goals. While working through your program, you will complete career-related milestones in addition to your technical milestones. As you complete your career-related milestones you will receive feedback and work with the Career Coaching staff as needed to ensure you complete the career milestones properly. As you continue through the program and become ready for your job search the Career Success team will reach out to you for scheduling coaching sessions with your dedicated Career Coach. You will also have access to a robust career success training course that is posted in the NGT Academy community which provides training on all the key areas you need to know about to achieve success with your career goals. In addition, in the community, you can share and learn from coaches as well as fellow students on your journey to landing your ideal IT job!

When and what will we meet about?

We deliver coaching in two different formats: one-to-many and one-to-one. Both of these formats are primarily delivered online via Zoom calls. Although, sometimes your Career Coach may attempt to reach you by phone for a one-on-one if needed.

  • One-to-many: We set weekly office hours where students can hop into a meeting with a Career Coach. In these weekly sessions, there may be multiple students on the call and the Career Coach will provide answers and clarification on anything that is needed. This is a good place to come to get quick help on a career-related milestone and is also a good place to hop in and let the coaches know about recent job success.

  • One-to-one: These meetings are scheduled directly with your Career Coach and will be delivered via an online scheduled Zoom call or a phone call. One-to-ones are typically performed during your Job Search phase which begins after your technical milestones are completed per your program. In general, the Career Success Team will monitor when you complete your milestones and achieve your industry certification (CCNA or Security+). Your Job Search support begins at this point and the Career Team will reach out to you.

* Refer to this link to access the NGT Career Success brochure to obtain more information about Career Success' mission, vision, objectives, and services.


If you are still not sure where to start, please email One of our career coaches will assess your needs and determine the best career professional to connect you with.

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