Subscription Based Payments
Students enrolled into NexGenT programs or courses that have a subscription based payment model with recurring payments may cancel their subscription and withdraw at any time. Please note that any payments that were previously made toward the program, course or service from which a student withdraws are non-refundable. This also includes enrollment and processing fees.

FSNE Tech Degree Withdrawals
Students enrolled in the FSNE Tech Degree Tuition Free model can reference the policy stated above.

Students enrolled in the FSNE Tech Degree with Tuition Reimbursement Guarantee have the option to withdraw from the program at any time, but in doing so the student will automatically void his/her Tuition Reimbursement Guarantee.

Non-subscription Based Payments
All NexGenT products with a single payment option (non-subscription payment model) have a no refund policy. Examples of this are the Network+ Certification course, Cisco ICND1 Certification course, Python Network Programming course, The Land Your Dream IT Job course, FSNA Bootcamp, Mentor Session Credits, USB/Flash drive orders, and any Practice Labs or Exam Prep titles.

Tuition Reimbursement Guarantee - Tuition Refunds
You will be refunded your tuition if you do not land a job given the following terms are met. 

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