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Support for Different Web Browsers
Support for Different Web Browsers
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In this article, we describe some useful information about browsers supported on the NexGenT learning platform at We perform thorough testing in the most common and widely used web browsers to give our learning platform users the best possible experience.

Supported browsers

Here's the list of browsers we currently support. We recommend to always use the latest version of your browser, especially on tablets and mobile.



Microsoft Edge

Latest stable version supported

Mozilla Firefox (all platforms)

Latest stable version supported

Google Chrome (Windows and Mac)

Latest stable version supported

Safari (Mac)

Latest stable version on latest OS release supported



Mobile Safari (iOS)

Latest stable version supported

Chrome (Android and iOS)

Latest stable version supported

If you are not sure what browser you're using, you can visit WHAT'S MY BROWSER to verify the browser and version. If you are using an out-of-date browser, you can update your browser to the latest version and enjoy our platform. For example, you can learn how to update your Chrome browser here.

Unsupported browsers

In order to focus on delivering the best possible learning experience in our platform we try to support the widest range of browsers that we can. However, supporting multiple browsers takes time away from developing new features and improvements. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by not supporting a browser that someone may want to use. However, we do support the top four most common and widely used browsers.

Blocked browsers

If a web browser is no longer supported by it's creator then we discontinue testing on that browser and block it to ensure the best security for our users. We also block unsupported browsers from accessing our platform to avoid any other unexpected issues that may come about from using an unsupported browser.

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